Miriam Webster: Brazil Nut: (noun). a tall South American tree (Bertholletia excelsa of the family Lecythidaceae) that bears large globular capsules each containing several closely packed roughly triangular oily edible nuts.

Wikipedia: Brazil nuts were sometimes called “nigger toes” in the 1960s, “[t]o digress to the ludicrous”, according to Matt Brazil writing in the Wall Street Journal.

A great friend of mine, Curtis Lutz, was the true inspiration for this comic. Every once in a while, he was as socially sensitive as a Tyrannosaurus Rex while being as curious as a new kitten. This is about 90% exactly accurate, and is one of my favorite stories… you’ll see why next week!

Someone commented that apparently the best way to get a cameo in my comic is to die. I’m beginning to think they’re right.