Who made this crap?

My Hood is a creation from the moderately interesting mind of Victor Manuel. The art is horrible because Victor doesn’t have time to draw, so he takes pictures and puts them through a cartoon filter, and then adds words to the resulting mud pie.

The stories come mostly from experiences I’ve had or heard living in Texas. The inspiration to put it online really did happen in issue #100.

Any and all characters, locations, and events depicted within The Hood and its confines are entirely fictitious, and any resemblance to you or people you know or that thing we did last weekend is a total coincidence. Really. Trust me.

Whose stories are those?

Mine. All Mine. I update them when I finish them. Unfinished ones should be taken as a sign that the author hasn’t been reminded enough to complete them.

Don’t you know only retards use WordPress to make web pages?

Retards and Network Admins who work too damned much to write the code on their own. You want to see some of my real work? Well, the fourth iteration of www.orthorx.net was mine, but you can’t see it anymore because the fifth one’s in place, so you’ll have to live an unfulfilled life.

Wow, there are a lot of characters.

I’ve been wanting to intro several of them for a long time, but never really got around to it.

Okay, here’s a brief sentence about everyone who’s appeared in more than one Hood.

Michael Williams, the hero of the comic and butt of every joke available. He moved to Hurst, Texas to be somewhat near his family and didn’t look as close to the neighborhood as he thought…

The WifeKaren Williams is Mike’s wife, aka Honey, Sugarplum, and Beloved.

HamsterRegina Williams, beloved daughter. Far too smart for her precocious age.

EduardoTerrence Williams, beloved son.

The VixenPhyllis Anglin Underbrink, the office vixen and resident vegetarian, keeps Mike and Derf on their toes with computer questions.

AahzMalcolm Williams, Mike’s gay younger brother. He just hasn’t been the same since his partner, the Honorable Mr. Tracey Haversham, passed on in a freak gardening accident. My good friend Aahz agreed to stand in for him after a couple of evenings with a ouija board.

Joel-ay GrayWilliam Blum, based off of my neighbor Bill who lived across the street in Hurst. Bill was glad I moved in because I doubled the minority population in a three block radius (he’s Jewish).

KKKlemClem, the local KKK representative. He keeps the rest of the neighborhood in line. He’s based off of every overt racist I’ve had to deal with. Fortunately that’s not very many, but someone has to say his jokes, and this is my guy. The guy in the picture is an actual KKK member, but he’s still a nice guy. Except for wanting to enslave me. Yeah.

Phyllis!Elaine Johnson is the nosey, yet quick-witted busybody who keeps track of the Hood.

Preacher BillThe Reverend Leonard Smith. Neighborhood preacher and subverted racist, I unfortunately have met him in multiple people. They tend to say things like, “Oh, I’m not racist, but I don’t like it when too many Mexicans live on our street!”

JohnJohnKnown to the neighborhood as The Captain, this uniformed wanderer ensures that all people keep a high level of respect for The British Empire. The funny thing is that at my old neighborhood, John really was known by them as “The Captain.”

MacarooniBob MacIntyre is Mike’s boss. Very PHB kind of guy, and the focus for every non-techie I’ve had to work for.

ZaphodDerf is Mike’s cow-orker and an incredible geek. Yes, he talks in Leet-Speak 90% of the time, no you can’t understand him, neither can Mike. My infinitely handsome twin brother Zaphod agreed to be his stunt double. Thanks, Z!

Matt the ManRoger Cadenhead, aka Grond. Old friend of Mike’s and a hard core gamer. Rog was the most inventive DM I ever had, and my friend Matt agreed to be his stunt double for the comic.

Not THAT SheilaSheila is a neighbor girl who plays with Regina every once and a while. There are some interesting strips coming up for her soon…

Benjamin Franklin, the kid down the street who sometimes plays with Terrance. He’s based off of Ben Franklin, my childhood best friend and blood brother. Really.